• Agreement to resolve the Baril-Moses forestry dispute between the cree nation of Eeyou Itchee and the gouvernement du Québec
  • Unveiling of the Plan Nord Toward 2035 and its 2015-2020 Action Plan
  • Minister Pierre Arcand highlights the first meeting of the Société du Plan Nord’s Board of Directors (French only)
  • International symposium main logo.
    The International Symposium on Northern Development was held on February 25th to 27th, 2015.
  • Train on a bridge in the middle of the forest with mountains in the background .
    The Québec government is working with private partners to conduct a feasibility study on the rail link to the Labrador Trough.


A Message from Minister Pierre Arcand

The aim of the Plan Nord is to promote the potential for mining, energy, tourism, and social and cultural development in Québec north of the 49th degree of latitude. It will create jobs and wealth for northern communities and for Québec as a whole, while ensuring respect for the northern population and the environment. By harmonizing the economic, social and environmental aspects of the Plan Nord, the Québec government intends to make it a responsible, sustainable and unifying project for Québec society. Enjoy reading!

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