Fonds d’initiatives du Plan Nord (FIPN)

2nd call for projects from May 29 to June 30, 2017


The Fonds d’initiatives du Plan Nord provides support for the implementation of projects that are of interest for northern communities and are part of the Plan Nord process. The FIPN is intended to support and promote projects that:

  • generate economic activity and also create and maintain jobs in the area covered by the Plan Nord
  • assist development and wellbeing in communities in the North
  • target protection for the environment and the conservation of biodiversity


Financing available and financing limit

Three calls for projects will be made each year, in

  • January
  • May
  • September

The financial commitments for the three calls for projects for 2017-2018 will be limited to the amount of the dedicated budget envelope of $3,000,000, subject to the availability of annual appropriations.


Eligible Client Groups

  • Non-profit, incorporated organizations
  • Cooperatives and mutual associations whose activities are similar to those of a non-profit organization (excluding the following sectors: financial services, insurance, retail sales, health care)
  • Band councils in Aboriginal communities
  • Northern village corporations
  • Municipalities, regional county municipalities and municipal organizations
  • Enterprises legally constituted in Québec or Canada and working in the following sectors of activity:
    • Innovation and/or infrastructures for use in mineral exploration and extraction
    • Renewable energy production
    • Innovation and/or infrastructures for use in forestry and the diversification of forestry operations
    • Tourism
    • Agrifood
    • Transport
    • The digital economy


Non-Eligible Client Groups

  • Provincial or federal government departments
  • Provincial or federal state-owned corporations
  • Enterprises in the retail sector
  • Enterprises not working in the target sectors of activity for eligible enterprises


Eligible Projects

To be eligible, projects must share the vision of the Plan Nord:

  • Develop the diversified economic potential of northern Quebec in a responsible way and for the benefit of the local population living there and Quebec as a whole.
  • Support the development of communities in the area covered by the Plan Nord by helping them realize their full potential and enhance their living conditions.
  • Protect the environment and preserve the distinctive biodiversity of Northern Québec.

To be eligible, projects must be in one of the following categories:

  • Projects to conduct research and disseminate knowledge about the area covered by the Plan Nord
  • Economic diversification projects
  • Studies, whether economic, sociological or environmental
  • Workforce education and training projects
  • Social or community infrastructures
  • Environmental remediation
  • Services to the population
  • Events organization: seminars, fairs, conventions, conferences and networking activities

Enterprises legally constituted in Québec or Canada and working in the targeted sectors of activity must, to be eligible, present a project in one of the following categories:

  • Strategic, multi-user infrastructures and equipment in the economic field*.
  • Studies: research projects with strong potential benefits, and pre-feasibility or feasibility studies for projects or sectors. The intervention may apply at a preliminary stage, for the incubation of the idea, and must include a demonstration by the promoter that the results of a study or project will be developed.

*Infrastructures or equipment that can be used by more than one user to promote activities that generate economic benefits (revenue, jobs) for users and for the region. In this context, “user” means an entity that makes a financial contribution to the project (for example, an equal-share co-owner) and is a direct user of the infrastructure or equipment. Clients, lessors, funders and institutional partners are not considered to be users. 

How to apply

You have until June 30, 2017 to submit your application, including all related documents, for financial assistance from the Fonds d’initiatives du Plan Nord.

Before filling out the form, we strongly recommend to save it on your computer.



For further assistance, please contact our team.