Priority Actions

Based on the long-term vision and the fundamental principles it has established, the government will implement three key strategic policy directions to guide its approach and that of its partners:

  • Develop the diversified economic potential of northern Québec in a responsible way and for the benefit of the population living there and Québec as a whole.
  • Support the development of all communities in the area covered by the Plan Nord, by helping them realize their full potential and enhancing their living conditions.
  • Protect the environment and preserve the distinctive biodiversity of northern Québec by ensuring that mechanisms are put in place to dedicate 50% of the area covered by the Plan Nord, by 2035, to non-industrial purposes, protection of the environment and the safeguarding of biodiversity.

Furthermore, the vastness of the area concerned, the remoteness of the communities, the lack of links between northern and southern Québec and access to outside markets are all factors that may limit northern development. In addition, reliable, valid data is needed to ensure the sustainable and integrated development of northern Québec. The Plan Nord toward 2035, 2015-2020 Action Plan also presents priority actions on these issues.