A vision for 2015-2035

In May 2011, the Québec government unveiled the Plan Nord, an ambitious sustainable development program for the development of resources in northern Québec1. Based on a shared, unifying vision, this once-in-a-generation project heralded one of the largest economic, social and environmental development initiatives of our time.

In 2014, in order to continue this major sustainable development project and take advantage of the opportunities it revealed, the government decided to relaunch the Plan Nord. It intends to make it one of the primary focus areas of the revival of Québec’s economy, along with the closely related Maritime Strategy.

By 2035, the Plan Nord will have enabled the development of this rich resources area, for the benefit of its populations and of the whole of Québec, through an exemplary form of sustainable development based on a comprehensive, integrated, consistent and responsible approach.

Four basic principles have been established, on the basis of shared values, to guide the government’s actions by ensuring:

  • A planned, coordinated project based on partnership, private-sector investment and support for communities, in particular through the creation of the Société du Plan Nord.
  • A focus on sustainable development that integrates the economic, social and environmental dimensions.
  • Government actions adapted to the realities of local and aboriginal communities and to northern areas in general.
  • A harmonious and ethical approach to development that remains respectful of aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities and consistent with equality between men and women.

The Plan Nord toward 2035, 2015-2020 Action Plan will constitute an adaptable framework for future years. Other projects suggested by communities or resulting from an analysis of the issues by various government departments and agencies may also, over the years, be added to this document, provided they are consistent with the key policy directions of the Plan Nord.