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Fonds d'initiatives du Plan Nord (FIPN)

Submit a project – February 4 to March 7, 2019

The first 2019 call for projects is now open. You can submit a project from February 4 to March 7, 2019.

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The FIPN supports and promotes projects that:

  • generate economic activity and also create and maintain jobs in the area covered by the Plan Nord;
  • assist development and wellbeing in communities in the North;
  • target protection for the environment and the conservation of biodiversity


Accountability Form

For promoters who received a financial support from FIPN.

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For further assistance, please contact our team.

Community Greenhouse Program

The community greenhouse program, administered by the Société du Plan Nord, supports the northern communities that demonstrate interest in the development of community greenhouse projects located on the Plan Nord’s territory and that are consistent with the Plan Nord approach.



Support the construction of community greenhouses that aim at improving the health and wellbeing of the local population by providing the following benefits:

  • Better availability of fresh local produce of high nutritional quality;
  • Stimulation of community life (i.e.: citizen participation, opportunities to create links with schools to use greenhouses as tools for education, etc.);

The projects can take the form of gardening plots made available to the community or they can aim at selling produce as long as the operation remains non-for-profit or that the profits generated are entirely redistributed in the community.


Deadline for Project Submission

Promoters may file an application for financial assistance from the Société du Plan Nord until funding is exhausted. We suggest contacting the program coordinator before submitting the documents in order to insure funds are still available. If the application for financial assistance is submitted by mail, the postmark will count as the date of submission.



Ms. Myriam Blais
Phone: 418 643-1874, extension 6436
Phone: 1 855 214-9807


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