Its mission is to contribute, in collaboration with the representatives of the regions and the aboriginal nations concerned, as well as the private sector, to the integrated and coherent development of the area covered by the Plan Nord, in keeping with the principle of sustainable development and in accordance with the policy directions defined by the Government in relation to the Plan Nord.

  • Coordinate infrastructure projects.
  • Assist and support local and aboriginal communities in their community and socio-economic development projects.
  • Carry out or contribute to research and development activities as well as activities to acquire knowledge of the area.
  • Contribute to setting up mechanisms to allow 50% of the area covered by the Plan Nord to be used, by 2035, for purposes other than industrial purposes, for the protection of the environment and for the preservation of biodiversity.
  • Contribute to maximizing the economic spinoffs generated by the development of the natural resources in the area covered by the Plan Nord.
  • Establish satellite offices in the Nunavik, Baie-James–Eeyou Istchee, Côte-Nord and Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean areas to ensure ongoing, functional and effective communications with its clients.
  • Set up a Business Development Office whose object is to communicate to local and regional enterprises the supply and equipment needs of ordering parties operating in the area covered by the Plan Nord.
  • Advise the Government.


Act fairly and honestly so as to honour commitments to clients, partners and colleagues in order to merit and maintain their trust.


Joint action

Confer and agree to elaborate a common blueprint designed to carry out the Company’s mission.



Make fair, impartial decisions in a transparent manner to maintain the trust of the clientele, partners and the public.



Act, make an effort and collaborate to contribute to the fulfilment of the Company’s mission.



Fulfil commitments and obligations and be accountable.



Provide high-quality services, remain at the leading edge and do your best.

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