Financial Framework

Train©Mathieu Dupuis​

To put in place the conditions needed to promote development and access to the land, the government, via the Société du Plan Nord, will use the amounts made available by the Fonds du Plan Nord, estimated at $356.7 million over the period 2015-2020.

This amount, along with the contributions made by various government departments and bodies and other partners, will enable the government to support, over the next five years, actions totalling $1.340 billion, in the form of:

  • $914.2 million in investments for the completion of strategic infrastructure projects, and
  • $425.4 million in expenditure for the implementation of priority actions and the administration of the Société du Plan Nord.

Adding the measures entirely financed by government departments and bodies and their partners, actions in the area covered by the Plan Nord will total almost $2 billion over the 2015-2020 timeframe. In addition to these amounts, substantial investments will be made by the private sector. Contributions from the federal government may also increase the budgetary envelopes available.

Over a 25-year timeframe, an estimated $2.2 billion will be paid into the Fonds as the basic contribution. With the annual contribution from Hydro-Québec and income from other sources, the Fonds du Plan Nord should have a total envelope of nearly $2.7 billion.


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